A small sample of the logo designs I've created over the past four decades.

using keyboard.jpg

My journey into the world of commercial art has taken me through many disciplines, from newspaper/magazine advertising, print design, corporate and product branding, and signage.

sign painting.jpg

Yes, I was one of those guys swinging brush-loads of paint before digital technology swept the industry in the mid 1980s. I pull an old brush out from time to time to keep my hand-lettering skills alive.

Embers window lettering.jpg

A couple of my recent projects have involved seasonal window decorating, which I’ve done for my daughter and son in-law’s restaurant in Mission, BC.

Along with the digital age came the need for website design. I created my very first site in 1995 when a good real estate client inquired about one. Since I’d already been immersed in a wide range of software, I decided to take the plunge. With an HTML manual as thick as a Vancouver phone book (remember those things?), I buried myself in study and practise until able to write a functioning site. For the past five years or so, I’ve been switching all of my web clients to a platform called SquareSpace. The sites are very robust and offer the invaluable ability to scale with any variety desktop or mobile device.

Most people in the advertising design trade need to write copy. I think I was pretty good at it, but lacked formal training in grammar and sentence/paragraph structure. So starting in 2005, I involved myself in writing groups that would help me gain the knowledge and confidence I needed to bolster my literary skill. Along the way I discovered a true passion for fiction writing, as you’ll see once you explore the rest of my site.

I've also done a significant amount of video projects. You can check them out on my YouTube Channel.

The benefit of having such a diverse range of skills allows me to offer *one-stop shopping* for the harried business owner. And this is the role I’ve been serving with my Fraser Valley clients over the past four decades.